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‘Bear With Me’ – Amber’s Brother Is Missing, But Fear Not For Her Teddy Is… a Detective?

Bear With Me

It sucks to have your brother suddenly disappear, no doubt about that, but… relying on yer teddy for help, even if he is a detective? Well, crazier approaches have worked in the past, I suppose. Either way, Bear With Me‘s protagonist, Amber, is determined to crack this noir-esque case, find her brother, and maybe figure out what the deal is with this “red man” figure who has allegedly been starting fires across Paper City. Very determined. Oh boy.

Now, in case you’re wondering, yes, I do strongly suspect that the only part of the above paragraph that’s rooted in reality, is the fact that her brother’s disappeared. Everything else? Make believe. We are dealing with a child here after all, and kids do love their imaginary friends. That said, I have no doubt Ted E. Bear – real or not – will provide genuinely invaluable assistance. I mean, he is a detective after all, complete with a grumpy attitude.

That said, in the end, it’s up to the player to get the job done, interviewing the residents of Paper City, gathering clues in the process to solve a variety of puzzles. Typical point ‘n click stuff, although with a slightly dark – and yet, not really – twist. I mean, what if it’s all entirely real? What if Ted E. Bear is an actual teddy brought to life? Nah, surely… nah.

“We’ve spent years crafting an experience accessible to the whole family, but with sharp wit, cutting one-liners and pop culture references that only an adult will truly appreciate.”

Oh and to make this already slightly dark mystery even more spooky, the path from beginning to end is not set entirely in stone, certain events forcing the player to make critical decisions that will alter future events in some way. Pretty neat, eh? Darn right it is. Pointy and clicky tales are all too often entirely linear, and with a tale of this sort… all the better to have a bit of choice-and-consequence, ya know? Of course ya do. Now go help Amber and Ted E. Bear in this first episode!

Bear With Me – Episode One is available from Steam and Humble, priced at $4.99.

Bear With Me – Official Trailer

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