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alt.ctrl.GDC 2018 Is Searching High and Low For Alternative Controlled Games

Question: where do you find the craziest, most obscure, completely bonkers video game controllers, and of course, games created with them in mind? Answer: provided we’re staying in the realm of (our) reality, alt.ctrl.GDC, without a doubt. It’s been a thing for the past several years, attracting a lovely amount of attention, and from the look of things, 2018 is going to be no different. Yay, unique stuff!

Unique, much like that rather odd contraption on the above screenshot although, obviously, different. Because no one likes a copy cat, and given the possibilities of something like alt.ctrl.GDC, I’d wager very few submissions will be even remotely similar. Do keep in mind however, when working on a project for the showcase, that a game must be included – to showcase the tech, as it were. Far as I can tell, it doesn’t have to be a finished, lengthy title, just… you know, something playable. A tech demo, I suppose. Simple stuff. Except not really, as you do still have to come up with a controller for it.

Entering won’t cost a cent and all games (or their creator(s), more accurately) that make the cut will receive 2 All-Access Passes and 2 Expo Passes to GDC 2018, along with floor space to demonstrate said game. From these, one victor will then be picked for the grand prize of $3000 and… “the alt.ctrl.GDC Award at the IGF ceremony during GDC”. Groovy stuff for sure.

When? Oh, alt.ctrl.GDC will take place from March 21 to March 23, 2018, at GDC 2018 in San Francisco, and submissions? Those must be in by December 1st, and all questions are to be directed at alt.ctrl.GDC’s organizer, John Polson. So mark those calendars, eh?

(Source: Alt.Ctrl.GDC needs your unique alternative controller games! via. IndieGames.com)