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xkcd Game Jam: Turn Your Favorite xkcd Comic Into a Video Game

So, what’s your favorite xkcd comic? Me, I absolutely love the absurdity of 1670. It’s just so… “what?!”, and really, isn’t that the best kind? Oh, and the reason for my question is simple: late November, you’ll be tasked with turning your favorite xkcd comic into a video game – provided you feel like partaking in the xkcd Game Jam, that is. If not, well, just do like me and play the results – of which there will hopefully be many! – once the jam is over.

As for why this is a thing, two reasons: because xkcd is awesome and, as the official xkcd Game Jam website explains it, “a tribute to the awesome work of Randall Munroe” (creator of xkcd, in case that wasn’t obvious). This (xkcd) is also what makes this one interesting compared to other game jams – it’s based around a web comic! Not a topic, not a current event, not a genre, or… whatever else the hundreds of other ongoing game jams revolve around. Nope. Instead, a web comic – and a genuinely awesome one at that.

Now… I don’t know if rules will be added as we get closer to the event weekend (November 17-20, 2017), but at the time of writing, there really aren’t any. Just a “More info coming soon. :)” note, which means something may or may not be added at some point. What is known however, is that game prizes are up for grabs, for those who need a little more motivation to make an xkcd game. Such a silly thought, but eh.

All set? Alrighty. Hit the xkcd website then, pick your favorite comic, and get ready for the weekend of November 17 through 20. Oh, and if you feel like socializing: xkcd Game Jam Twitter/Discord, Xavier Ekkel (organizer)’s Twitter.

xkcd Game Jam