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Would You Kindly Cast Some Votes Amongst the 2016 XYZZY Awards Submissions?

Times sure are changing. Last year it was April, this time it’s June – maybe next year’s XYZZY awards will be opening the voting booths in August? Whatever the case, it’s time to get interactive and play some choose-your-own-adventure games, after which… you really should vote for your favorites across a wealth of categories, in The 2016 XYZZY Awards! Very groovy.

This year the number of categories have been dialed back a bit (from 15 to 14), as has the number of submissions (from 431 to 394). But so what? That’s still a lot of different ‘best in’ awards to be found, and across several hundred entries no less; which is honestly a truly incredible number. Imagine the word count across the lot. Or don’t. Probably a bad idea, as it’d make most people’s heads explode. Just saying.

In all seriousness though, no better time than the present to sample the lot. Create an account (or, you know, login if you already have one), and… VOTE! Oh right. Wait, no. That’s not right. You should probably play some of the games first. But I did already mention that, so… next up: important facts that you better pay attention to.

For starters, “you’re not allowed to vote for your own game, and canvassing for votes”, in case anyone actually thought that might be fun, or a good idea for some reason. Which it isn’t. Oh, and this first round of voting will end on July 4th, to be followed shortly after by a second. Simple enough. Last but not least, best of luck to all participants, newcomers and IF veterans alike!

(Source: Awards voting, round 1)