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Time to Hit the Booth and Cast Votes Amongst the XYZZY Awards 2015 Submissions

The month of April brings many a fun things: the early stages of summer, mild showers… perhaps even a smidge of XYZZY awards? Indeed, and boy are there ever many – several hundred, in fact, which is a rather impressive amount of interactive tales spun by both aspiring and experienced authors. So. Very. Groovy.

With no less than fifteen categories, these 431(!) submissions will have plenty to fight over, and you’re going to help them. What? No, by voting on whoever you deem most worth for the likes of Best Puzzles, Best Story, and so on. Why? Well, while these all come from different writers, using a wealth of different engines – some even made from scratch, I’m sure – they have one thing in common, and that is a love for all things interactive fiction. So let’s help them celebrate with some awards fun, eh? Voting closes at midnight on May 1 (Pacific Time), meaning there’s little more than two weeks left to play these sprawling creations.

All set? Good, now you get to either create a new IFComp account or login with your existing, and vote… over here. Note that you can in fact choose to nominate two in each category, which is certainly a bit of a twist, and this next bit probably goes without saying, but don’t vote on your own game. It’s just not sportsly. That said, as far as the list itself goes, I’m gonna have to divert your attention to http://xyzzyawards.org/awards/vote.php, as there are too many to recount here. Best of luck to everyone!

(Source: XYZZY Awards 2015: first-round voting open)