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Weekly Indie Update (Week 50 of 2011)

Far as I could tell, it was a rather slow week for indie news, except for the indie bundle madness, so take a seat and listen as I drop a line or two on that.


IndieRoyale put up their “The Xmas Bundle”, Humble Bundle went live with “#4” and there were two entirely new bundles on top of the “have another” ones:

Get Games’ launched “Little Big Bunch” and there was even the free “The 99 Percent Bundle“, made up of 13 titles from lesser-known indie developers. NOTE: Before you jump at the chance for some free indie games, read what The Backlog Journey experienced with one of the games in it [Update: Some insight on that issue].

I made it pretty clear how I feel about the bundle madness, in a recent post, though I forgot one very important factor: Where is the Linux (and to a degree, Mac) love in recent bundles?

I’m almost certain that Humble Bundle is still the only one that makes sure the contents of their bundles work across the big three (PC/Mac/Linux). This has been a HUGE deal for a lot of potential buyers, as – again, like I said in the recent bundle post – Linux gamers don’t really get a lot of love.. Mac gamers are also “cut off” most of the time, so this was a great thing.

If you are going to provide your take on something popular, could you at the very least include the benefits that made the original so good? With that, I’m going to wrap this one up with the usual list of releases, reviews and interviews.
Have a great weekend!

Army Men III alpha (Windows, free)
Avernum: Escape From The Pit (Mac, Windows and iPad Q1 2012, demo available)
King Arthur’s Gold (Mac, demo available)
Treasure Adventure Game (Windows, free)

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