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Sixth and Final Chapter For Handcrafted Adventure, ‘The Dream Machine’, Is Almost Here

At first, everything’s fine and dandy for Victor Neff, The Dream Machine‘s protagonist, having just moved into a lovely new place with his wife. Unfortunately for the happy couple, it isn’t long before Victor notices that something is off about their new home. A discovery which, over the course of soon-to-be-six chapters, takes him through… other people’s dreams! Oh, and I’m not talking metaphorically either. Groovy, and just a tiny bit unnerving.

But while being able to visit the dreams of other people may seem enticing, what really makes The Dream Machine stand out – for me at least – is its art style. See, unlike pretty much every other genre entry, this one was “built by hand using materials such as clay, cardboard and broccoli”. Yup. Sounds crazy, but a glance at the trailer below should help make sense of it all, on top of proving that a pointy ‘n clicky affair doesn’t have to be pixellated (I do enjoy those too, though!) to look good.

Explore a creepy apartment complex and uncover the mysteries within. Get to know your neighbors and discover their secrets.

Now, you might be thinking that entering the dream of someone else is a serious invasion of privacy, and honestly, you’d be right. Riddle me this, though: if it meant saving one or more people, would you let something like that stop you? I wouldn’t, and the same goes for Victor. Probably a good thing, seeing how he’s our only hope of stopping whatever is going on in The Dream Machine. Will he succeed or fail in this rather mind-boggling quest? We won’t know until May 11, when the sixth chapter will arrive.

The Dream Machine  is available from Steam.

The Dream Machine – Chapter6 Announcement Trailer