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[Update: Greenlit] Stuck In Greenlight Limbo: ‘Mass Vector’

Mass Vector

This time the spotlight will be shining on Mass Vector, a vector-based box transporter that blends skill with patience. What say we help it escape the cold emptiness of Greenlight limbo?

You control a small ship with a big thruster. The idea is to collect the various shaped blocks and place them on the green platform. How hard can that be I hear you say. Well by hovering your ship over the block and attaching the tractor beam you will pick up the block. But the blocks are different colours and weights. The Green and Orange ones are easy to move without an extra boost but the Red and Blue ones are heavy and will start to drag you down.

Sounds like a simple yet kinda enticing formula, ya know? Not entirely sold on its retro-ish design though, even if it seems oddly fitting somehow. I mean, surely I’m not the only one who feels like they played something similar to this… way back? Surely. Probably. Anyway, while the whole ‘box throwing’ mechanic may sound simple, chances are it’s anything but, really. Gravity does come into play here after all, and to beat the ‘speed’ levels, you’ll need to have a steady aim as there’s literally no time to maneuver over for a precision drop. No time at all. The exact opposite seems to be the case with the ‘trial’ levels, as here, you won’t get far without patience, precision, skill, and a very steady hand. One misplaced box and it’s game over. Just one. That’s all it takes. Best of luck, pilot. You’re gonna need it.

So riddle me this, dear reader: why is Mass Vector Hour still struggling to get through Greenlight? It’s been out for a while, after all. As such, how about visiting its Greenlight page and handing over a ‘yes’, if you like what you see? Remember: your vote matters!

Mass Vector Moving Pixel Games

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