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Choose-Your-Own-Lovecraftian-Adventure In ‘Sons of Uruzime’

Sons of Uruzime

For most, Miskatonic University is a place of education, maybe even a home away from home. Unfortunately it’s not all fun and academic games however, as this place also has a dark side. A dark side which, among other things, plays host to an ancient, evil cult. Needless to say, this must be dealt with, which is exactly what you’ll be attempting in Sons of Uruzime. After all, what could possibly go wrong, in a H.P. Lovecraft inspired gamebook? What indeed…

Now, as some of you may or may not be aware, this particular tale was originally digitized back in 2013, albeit only in French as Les Fils d’Uruzimé. Ideal for those who speak it, sure, but while a fine language (and locale), few have knowledge of it compared to English, making it less than ideal for such a text-heavy game. Well, if you’re looking to reach as wide a market as possible anyway, which I’m willing to bet Studio 09 are, as their creation does carry a price tag and all.

Seeing how Tin Man Games were responsible for both the original and this recently translated version, like so many prior gamebooks, Sons of Uruzime is powered by their Gamebook Adventures engine. As such, there’ll be no need for pen, paper or even note taking, as all that is handled automagically by the game. Don’t ya just love technology? Less authentic, but on the flipside… so much easier to manage; especially on the go.

After receiving a desperate letter from one of your students, you become embroiled in a sinister mystery on the grounds of Miskatonic University.

That said, you’d still do well to keep an eye on your sanity, since losing your mind is quite possible while exploring Miskatonic University and its surroundings, evil cult and all. Could always make use of the bookmark system if things get too eerie though, as you will likely need a break from this eerie tale of otherworldly happenings at some point. Just remember to come back to it at some point, eh? After all, without you to progress the story, dictating the direction, there’ll be no rescuing Philip Lewis, in… Sons of Uruzime!

Sons of Uruzime is available for iOS (universal, iTunes ($2.99)) and Android (Google Play ($3.99), Amazon ($2.99)).