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Scrolling Survivor: Platforming That Truly… Pans

Scrolling Survivor

You know how 2D platformers usually go from left to right, your character’s location determining if / when the screen scrolls? Yeah, only half of that holds true for Scrolling Survivor, as on top of dodging bullets, enemies and pits, the screen is constantly moving, and if you don’t keep up, you get squashed. Simple as that. Alternatively, if things are moving too slow, you can always… scroll the screen faster (no, really).

Exactly what you’re doing in the game, or why you’re constantly on the run from an ever-panning view, doesn’t matter. At all. Because if you stop to think about it, chances are you’ll die. Also, I don’t think the game actually explains it at any point. Maybe it’s some evil scientist’s crazy scheme? We’ll likely never know…

Either way, off ya go, wall-jumping, bullet-dodging, pit-crossing and what-have-you, towards the sanctuary of each level’s exit – at which point another awaits. Well, provided you’ve gotten enough # (a sort of ‘currency’) and / or tackled the right amount of challenges, that is. Because level gating. Yeah. Not a fan. At all.

That said, I did enjoy replaying stages with unique parameters added, like, say, more driving sections. Ah, did I forget to mention you also get to jump into a vehicle at certain points, during which the gameplay reverts back to a one-button (jump) affair? My bad. Or how about having the screen scroll significantly faster? Plenty variety.

Aside from the level gating, which may or may not end up being a big deal late-game, I don’t really have anything bad to say about Scrolling Survivor [PWYW]. It packs some rather  stylish visuals, lovely chiptune-y music and the controls are tight – provided you own a working gamepad. Keyboards weren’t meant for scrolling. Or something.

Scrolling Survivor in 30 seconds

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