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Not Enough Steam Reviews! November ’17 Edition

May the 4th be with you… tomorrow. As for today, Not Enough Steam Reviews! is on the menu, however few in number. Maybe I’m too picky? Check out my picks below and decide for yourself. If you can. Muahahaha…

Brief reminder: no Early Access, no Virtual Reality – what else? Oh, and less than 10 user reviews on the day I go through the lot (which is also when this article is published). May seem odd, but if your game hasn’t broken into double-digit review numbers after six months, something’s wrong. Somewhere. Anyway, my pick(s) are as follows…

Metagalactic Blitz Full Release Trailer

Watch this video on YouTube.

Metagalactic Blitz ($9.99)
What can I say? I like dodgeball… and sci-fi.

Son of Scoregasm Trailer

Watch this video on YouTube.

Son of Scoregasm ($9.99)
Looks like I may have to expand my rather short list of truly great twin-stick shooters with this semi-sequel to an awesome title – one dating all the way back to 2012!