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MiniLD #56: Almost Time For Another Pick 'n' Mix

minild 56 pick n mix

Mix and match! Match and mix! Go nuts! It’s (almost) time to Pick ‘n’ Mix, as MiniLD #56 is rapidly approaching. Theme? None. Instead, the focus is on goals (wait, what?) and… well, challenging yourself during the development of said brand new game. Confused? Don’t worry – explanation incoming.

Unlike a traditional Ludum Dare, the Mini ones utilizes a much more relaxed rule set: theme ain’t set in stone, there’s no jam/compo thing, and no voting system. That said, for this 56th, participants are encouraged to make a game that’ll make the player either “laugh”, “scared”, “go ‘awwwww ^__^’”, “go ‘awwwww :(‘”, “dizzy”, “hungry”, or “want to rage quit”. Indeed. Feel free to attempt more than one from the list too – flex those creative muscles!

Now, MiniLD #56’s scheduled to run during the weekend of 31st January/1st February, but like I said, MiniLD’s are pretty relaxed/casual jams, so as noted in the post, “you can start whenever you want”. The aforementioned challenges are listed below, and I dare you to go for two or more. I dare you. Prove that the impossible is sometimes possible.

Or… you know, just relax, have fun, make a game. A cool game. A game you’ll get in touch with me for coverage after the fact, because, game jams are only as awesome as their produce.

  • Use only 4 colours (no more, no less!)
  • Make a game that uses all/most keyboard keys
  • Make a game that uses just 2 keyboard keys
  • Make a game with only one mechanic
  • Make a game with as many mechanics as you can
  • Swap 2D/3D – If you normally work with 3D, try 2D (or vice versa)
  • Swap solo/team – If you normally work solo, try collaborating (or vice versa)