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Scale It Down Once More: #LOWREZJAM 2017 Has Begun

64 by 64. That’s the core of #LOWREZJAM 2017, much like last year’s iteration. 64 by 64, as in, the resolution of whatever game you may end up making as part of this particular game jam. Yes, I am referring to the completely bonkers concept of making a game that’s only 64 pixels wide and 64 pixels tall. Not 1920 by 1080, or whatever that 4K nonsense everyone’s spouting these days is. Just plain ol’, super low-res 64×64. Why? Well, why not?

If you need another reason, well… pixel art is a lovely thing, even if some may prefer slightly higher resolutions for said eye candy. Not for this one however. Here it’s either 64×64 or nothing. I mean, you can upscale the display to fit a larger window, so long as the core resolution remains unchanged. That’s really the only restriction. Nothing about audio, engine, theme, 2D, 3D, 4D or even 5D (is that a thing yet?).

The world is your oyster, as long as you stay in your 64×64 cage, of course!

Now, to get started, here are the important dates: the jam / competition takes place between August 1st and 17th, after which voting will commence on the 18th, ending on the 24th. As for whether #LOWREZJAM 2017 will be followed by a #LOWREZJAM 2018 next year, well, time will tell. It did change hosts from 2016 to 2017 after all, from Devi Ever to Jack Oatley, so who knows? Maybe Jack will continue the proud tradition, maybe someone else will, and maybe no one will. But for now… let’s focus on what will hopefully turn out to be a great event – so here’s to #LOWREZJAM 2017!


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