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Legend of Grimrock II (Mod): Isle of the Deranged

Isle of the Deranged (Legend of Grimrock 2 mod)

Power and corruption has a tendency to go hand in hand, and that is exactly what happened to Maevren, Caldar and Ktalak, as these three have been working on twisted cross-world experiments for the longest, using involuntary subjects from far away lands. But their recent acquisition could not have been more poorly chosen, for unlike the rest, this party of four could very well be their undoing, on… Isle of the Deranged!

Ah, nothing like a trio of evildoers to really get the adventurer’s blood flowing, eh? That said, its creator highly recommends against playing the mod with high-level characters, as that would be immersion breaking. Chances are it would also make the entire thing much too easy, since you’d then be able to annihilate obstacles in the blink of an eye, as opposed to following the set path.

Not that it’s a linear experience though, seeing how open-world exploration is actually encouraged. This even extends to revisiting prior locales, as passages once blocked off might become accessible later. Intriguing, even if backtracking is hardly my favorite pastime in RPGs. Notes (or memoirs) also lie scattered throughout the island – notes from other who have attempted escape – or so it would seem. These might even provide tips and hints for what lies ahead, although it’s far more likely that they are the simply the final scribblings of fallen adventurers.

Stripped of your possessions and thrown into a prison cage, you must all work together to survive the experiment. Find the proper tools to arm yourselves in order to survive.

With the promise of a story spanning more than 15 hours across 21 stages (levels?), Isle of the Deranged is one helluva meaty fan creation. It’s also DRM-free, in that it’s not on Steam Workshop, instead available from both ModDB and Nexus. You will need a copy of Legend of Grimrock II to play it though, which – unlike the mod – is not free.

Legend of Grimrock 2 – Isle of the Deranged [Teaser]

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