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Stop the Rain From Falling to Reveal the Past of a Mysterious Girl in ‘Flood of Light’

Amnesia, rain, a submerged city – something tells me this is gonna be a gloomy experience. Or perhaps not? Flood of Light, for its slightly dark-ish themes actually… kinda… revolves around light, surprisingly. To progress, you’ll have to illuminate lamp and stone posts, revealing more and more of this peculiar place, her past, and of course, exactly what is going on. Groovy stuff.

As you go about, pretty much literally lighting up your surroundings, everything changes accordingly. The water level is reduced, making new areas accessible, and with new areas comes new story elements; bit by bit, robot by robot, wick by wick. Oh right, forgot about the wicks: you’ll want to collect all these to get the real ending, I’d wager, based on how the developer claims that’s the way to “reveal the city’s hidden secret”.

With nine chapters, spanning a total of sixty levels, this one should pack quite the amount of brainteasers, orbs and robots aplenty. Probably a good thing then, that the entire experience also seems to feature a rather lovely aesthetic, coupled with a fittingly soothing soundtrack. Are you ready to do what it takes in Flood of Light, to help a young girl remember that which has been long forgotten?

Flood of Light is available from Steam ($3.99), iTunes ($1.99), Google Play ($1.99), TapTap (¥12).

Flood of Light – Game Trailer