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Bundle In A Box Takes to the Moon With Exclusive Lune Alpha


I used to think the latest Bundle In A Box couldn’t possibly get any better, but then they went and added an alpha build of Luna! That means it now contains… wow, a total of 12 games for (at least) $3.95 at the time of writing! So now you’ll get the following: all four Blackwell adventures, the Hacker Evolution trilogy, Super Tower Rush, Pixelry, Hamlet, Secret of the Magic Crystals and last but certainly not least, the exclusive (elusive?) Luna alpha!

It’s not often that I get to say “today, I controlled the Moon”, but… this was one of those days. Why? Well, I got to play Lune and that’s what you do there! That, and a bit of pointing, clicking and puzzle solving. Since there’s no background story, I’m not entirely sure what the deal is with the character you’ll be playing as, although based on how the game starts, I’d wager he’s either an explorer or someone who feels like the world has no more to offer him, and as such, wants to experience something new.

“Lune is a game about reflection and solitude which lets you control the Moon.”

Oh, right. Anyway, being able to manipulate the Moon means having the ability to alter the environment in one of several ways, including raising and lowering water levels and other nifty feats that are often part of solving a puzzle in order to progress. You won’t get any kind of fancy tutorial either, apart from a brief ‘this is how you control the moon and what it does’, which is pretty much all you need. Oh and the HUD is quite basic, as to not get in the way. So it’s just you, the Moon and the circle near your character , used to help you determine the current location of the Moon.

Have I mentioned yet that you control the Moon? THE MOON! THE BLOODY MOON, PEOPLE! Definitely a deviation from Sergey Mohov‘s previous game, Dédale, which was a puzzle/maze game about moving a butterfly around, coloring tiles in succes– THE MOOOOOON!

Actually, what are you still doing here? Head over to http://bundle-in-a-box.com right now, and pick up them twelve games! Easily worth the admission fee. Even more so, seeing how Lune‘s release window – autumn 2013 – is still ways off.

Lune Announcement Trailer