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Fight Your Way Through the ‘Deep Dungeons of Doom’ On iOS

Deep Dungeons of Doom

I still remember when dungeon-crawlers had no problem kicking your ass, and laughing in your face while doing it. Do I miss those days though? Why yes, I actually do and it seems I’ll be able to relive those days (for free, to boot), thanks to Bossa Studios who recently travelled back in time to release Deep Dungeons of Doom on iOS. It even comes with a warning: “This game is only for the brave.” – well, challenge accepted!

Deep Dungeons of Doom, like many other games these days, has been crafted with a heavily pixellated art style which, coupled with the somewhat streamlined mechanics, gives it a lovely old-school feel. Do not assume that ‘streamlined’ means you’ll have an easy time though, because along with the retro presentation, they’ve also brought back the high difficulty of games from a time long gone; easy to learn, hard to master.

Instead of spoiling the plot, here’s a brief summary: world in peril, needs a hero, you’re it – time to kick ass and take names! This is done with a simple two-button control scheme, one attacks while the other blocks. Seeing how they both have a cooldown attached, you won’t be able to simply button-mashing your way through each encounter either. Instead, try paying attention to what your opponent is doing, get the timing right and you just might live to tell the tale of your heroic deeds; whether it be as a Crusader, Witch or Mercenary.

With plenty of dungeons to conquer, evil beings to slaughter, loot to amass and a potential future full of  fame and fortune, what’s stopping you from picking it up right now? Not the price tag, that’s for sure, seeing how it’s 100% free! That said, it’s not without IAP, but the only thing that seems remotely interesting is the Core Dungeons Expansion ($2.99), which adds six additional dungeons along with an endless variant (aka. the good kind of IAP).

Official Deep Dungeons of Doom Launch Trailer

Those who believe they have what it takes, should pick up Deep Dungeons of Doom from iTunes right now. And don’t forget about the soundtrack either.