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‘BIT.TRIP VOID’ Arrives On PC and Mac With Dots to Gobble


BIT.TRIP VOID has finally joined the ranks of BIT.TRIP BEAT, BIT.TRIP RUNNER and BIT.TRIP CORE on PC and Mac, complete with funky retro inspired gameplay, chiptune music and boss battles. You play as ‘Void’ and your mission is to collect the black dots that fly onto the screen while avoiding the white ones (wait, what?!).

Each time you absorb a black dot (Pac-Man style?) your size will increase, making it more difficult to avoid the white ones – thankfully you can always return to your original size by ‘using’ the accumulated dots. But since your size determines your score multiplier, the whole thing has a bit of risk/reward going: Do you take on the greater challenge on a quest for points, or play it safe? You’ll need to pay close attention as you gobble up those delicious dots, because missing too many black ones or hitting too many white ones sends you to the Netherworld, which is where you’ll be given one last chance to redeem yourself – fail here, and it’s game over!

If you feel like racking up a high score while going dot gobbling, BIT.TRIP VOID is available for PC/Mac on Steam for $9.99 – Wii owners can grab it from the WiiWare channel.

Official BIT.TRIP VOID Trailer