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‘Grimind’ Arrives On PC With Memory Loss


Grimind drops the player into plenty of creepy caves and crypts without any memory of how he/she got there or where ‘here’ is. Getting out in one piece is not going to be some trivial task, as plenty of puzzles and other obstacles stand in your way, along with a constantly nagging feeling that you are not alone in this place.

This journey through creepy environments is not a typical 2D platformer, as the inclusion of physics elements at least makes puzzle solving far more interesting than the switch-/lever-based snorefest, which makes up the bulk of puzzles in platformers these days. But there is also something quite unique about Grimind: As you navigate this strange unfamiliar world, the character addresses the player and he’s certainly not afraid of speaking his mind on the current situation (among other things), which helps give him a touch of personality.

According to the developer, “your brain will be tested and you will not get bored”. Guess there’s only one way to find out if that’s true! Grimind can be picked up from the official website for $10 without any DRM (where a demo is also available); should it get through Greenlight, you’ll get a Steam key too. Do be careful however, for who knows exactly what lurks in those shadows up ahead?

Grimind – Release Trailer