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Become a Spirit Guide With the Release of ‘Spirits’

Spirits Steam release

Spirits is an action-puzzle game from Spaces of Play, where you’re tasked with guiding the spirits of fallen leaves safely home featuring hand-drawn visuals, wind manipulation, Lemmings inspired gameplay and soothing music to complete the experience.

How you get them to safety it is mostly up to you, but a certain number does need to survive to beat a level. This is not an easy task, since there are number of hazards to avoid and these guys are far from the sturdiest bunch. Far as the gameplay goes, Spirits is definitely inspired by Lemmings, but it does also add to the formula, as there are more methods for creating a path to safety than by way of bridge building and digging because here, the wind itself also needs to be taken into consideration.

That’s not to say that the wind is simply an obstacle to get around however, since you can sacrifice a spirit to build a wind generator and have it a brisk breeze aid you; do keep the number of spirits you need to save in mind though! With 46 levels of spirit guiding, there’s plenty to do before it’s over, and if you’re hungry for more afterwards, there are plants to collect in each level, leaderboards to compete on and in the Steam version, 14 achievements to.. achieve.

Spirits is available from the following places: Steam (PC/Mac), Mac App StoreUbuntu (Linux), iPadiPhone and Google Play (Android); heck, the only thing not available is a demo!

Official website and Twitter (@spacesofplay).