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Experience the ‘Teslagrad’ Universe From a Different Angle In Upcoming ‘World to the West’

World to the West

Four (playable) heroes, four different home nations, four unique identities and abilities, one universe – that of Teslagrad! World to the West isn’t a 2D platformer with electromagnetic conundrums though, as much as a top-down action puzzler full of fast-paced fun… and tesla-stuff. Tesla!

Step into the shoes of not one, but all of the following, as you continue exploring the Teslagrad universe: Lumina the Teslamancer, Knaus the orphan, Miss Teri and Lord Clonington. Why all four? Likely due to the fact that each has a unique ability or power, required to progress past certain points in the game. Like, say, Lord Clonington’s obscene strength or Miss Teri’s wizard-y unwieldiness, ya know? Just guesswork though, as not a lot has been revealed about the game yet.

World to the West is an action puzzler that continues exploring the universe of Teslagrad, already started by over 1.6 million people.

What is however known at this point, is that not every encounter has to be solved through combat, as there are often alternate ways of getting what you want from someone (or something). On a related note, it seems not everyone is equally trustworthy. Worth keeping in mind as you go along chatting up random strangers on your westward journey. That and secrets, because exploration and mysteries aplenty!

Exactly when World to the West will see the light of day has not been shared with anyone yet – not even yours truly. At least as far as the full version goes, because the game will be featured at GDC 2016, offering attendees a sample of the goods, so to speak. Very groovy.

World to the West Teaser Trailer

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