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‘Wanderlust: Rebirth’ Wanders Onto Steam Today

Wanderlust Rebirth

It’s been more than a year since this 1-4 player online co-op action RPG was released back in 2011, and over time it has only gotten bigger and better.

From the initial release to the most recent (2.67) update, in which players got a redesigned interface along with a new “hard” difficulty mode, Wanderlust: Rebirth has been growing at a steady pace with certain (2.11) changes being based on community requests; it’s rarely a bad thing to find a developer paying attention to the fans.

Wanderlust: Rebirth is definitely one of those RPGs that are jam-packed with content, including several ways to play (story and survival), online high-scores, 40+ enemy types, plenty of boss encounters to test your wits in battle, four classes (fighter, alchemist, cleric, elementalist – male and female) and.. are you ready for this? Multiple endings!

Thanks to Chucklefish (who are currently working on the development of Starbound), later today all that RPG goodness will be available on Steam (here) (source), as well as directly from the developer, Desura and GamersGate (where it’s been available for a while now). So what’s new in the Steam release? “Over 65 awards and 30 Steam achievements to earn”, but.. no Steam Cloud support? That’s a shame, even if it’s hardly a deal-breaker for anyone; the achievements and awards are bound to catch people’s interest however! Everyone loves those silly virtual trophies..

There’s also a demo available, for those who want to try the game and for more details, head on over to the developer’s website, their Twitter, Facebook page and of course the Wanderlust: Rebirth website.

Watch this video on YouTube.