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Unity Makes Its Linux Debut With an 'Experimental' Build

unity linux experimental build

If you’ve ever dabbled in the world of video game development, chances are you’ve heard of Unity. It is after all a pretty darn popular engine, both for 3D and 2D projects. Until recently, however widely used, Linux support was but a distant promise. But now it’s almost reality, even if this first iteration is an experimental build, meaning stability is… probably not on the feature list. That said, it’s still more than Linux users had to work with just yesterday, ya know?

Depending on how the community reacts, and what kind of feedback they get, Unity for Linux might eventually get to share the spotlight alongside Windows and OS X; something a lot would like to see, I’m sure, so do hit the newly created forum section with any and all bug reports / comments. Minds can’t be read after all, so if you don’t speak up, your voice won’t be heard. Just saying.

Now, the build released earlier today is based on Unity 5.1.0f3, which probably means more to you than me. Anyway, as far as exporting goes, the supported list is actually surprisingly lengthy: Linux / Mac / Windows Standalone, WebGL, WebPlayer, Android, Tizen and SamsungTV. Oh and system requirements are “64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 or newer”.

For a more technical rundown of what’s what, I’d recommend the Unity on Linux: Release Notes and Known Issues forum post, as it goes much more in-depth, listing depencies and such fancy things. Oh and download links are available from the announcement post.