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Isometric RPG ‘UnderRail’ Adding Huge New Region in 2019 With ‘Expedition’ Expansion

If you’re in the mood for more RPG fun in the style of classics like the original Fallout, UnderRail certainly has ya covered. Even more so next year, the sizeable Expedition expansion adding a huge new region known as the Black Sea and all. A region full of not only vicious fauna, but also wicked pirates, and… something far more dangerous. Oh my.

That said, no pain, no gain, right? Right. Exactly the kind of attitude you’ll need to survive the 200-some areas in this new storyline as you lay waste to pirate strongholds, go jet skiing and explore all the other new content. Oh, did I mention the level cap will be increased to 30 in UnderRail: Expedition, or how there’ll be a slew of additional feats as well as a new psionic skill and items? Certainly sounds like a proper expansion to me, but we’ll see come launch.

UnderRail: Expedition will be awaiting aspiring explorers on GOG.com and Steam in 2019.

Underrail: Expedition Trailer