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‘She and the Light Bearer’: Poetry Meets Point ‘n Click Adventuring in a Daunting Forest

At first glance, She and the Light Bearer is pretty much a fairytale: lighthearted, poetic and so very colorful. Unfortunately for Little Firefly, its protagonist, the forest that lies ahead is not void of horrors, riddles, challenging puzzles or even… well, let’s just call them ‘interesting characters’. But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Right. I truly hope that’s the case, and that all this talk about horrors and darkness isn’t true. Probably is, and yet, Little Firefly is determined to succeed in its quest – to awaken mother, Devourers and other hassles be damned. There’ll be plenty of poetry, beautiful art and acoustic tunes to enjoy, as the player attempts to navigate this treacherous place, though. Good stuff.

Take a journey inside a vibrantly colored forest, meet silly creatures, listen to serene folk musics, and discover its somber secrets.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that while She and the Light Bearer is not out just yet, a demo is available for those interested in sampling the goods ahead of time.

She and the Light Bearer will be on Steam from January 17, 2019.

She and the Light Bearer – Story Trailer