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‘TRETRIS’ – Bending, Twisting, Turning and Flipping the Rules of Tetromino Dropping


Oh look, another Tetris clone – right? Nope. Wrong. Absolutely not. Well alright, it kinda is, but at least there’s something unique about this one: every piece can be rotated… in the third dimension! A simple mechanic in theory, although in practice, it makes for quite a refreshing tetromino dropping experience – even if the core gameplay does remain largely unchanged from the original.

Crafted for last month’s MiniLD 56, TRETRIS has lots of pros and few cons. Even with the clever twist of advanced tetromino rotation, it’s still very much Tetris, just like the other numerous clones out there. Depending on how dear you hold the original, that may or may not be a bad thing. Some like a new twist on old stuff, while other would rather enjoy the original blast from the past instead. Me, I’m somewhere in-between when it comes to games like this.

While I did find the whole thing entertaining at first, especially since lines crumbled upon being cleared, the whole thing kinda suffered from a very slow beginning. And with no way to start a new game at anything above level 1… let’s just say boredom is bound to kick in, for players of high skill. Aside from that minor nitpick though, fun was still had. Just not as much as I would have liked.

So while the game isn’t overly original, on the flip side, it’s very much free. Completely. No ads, no-nonsense. So why not fire up ye ol’ HTML5 browser, point it to this here MiniLD 56 page, and play some TRETRIS? Oh and feel free to show off your high score in the comments below.