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Rewrite History in ‘Timespinner”s Gorgeous Tale of Metroidvania Revenge

You know what the most useful thing is, for those seeking revenge in a tale of murder most foul? The ability to rewind time of course, and such is exactly what Lunais, Timespinner‘s protagonist, has. Well, that and a strong desire for adventurous exploration; two things that will most certainly prove beneficial throughout this tale, as she attempts to get justice for her parents. Who were killed right in front of her. Yup.

To say this one’s been a long time coming would be an understatement, seeing how Timespinner originally made it through Greenlight back in 2014! But better late than never, ya know? That and it most certainly looks like it was worth the wait, gorgeous pixellated visuals, fast-paced time warping action, a vast world to explore, and so on. Oh, and a dream dragon (read: familiar) called Meyef.

Using her power to control time, Lunais vows to take her revenge on the evil Lachiem Empire, but sometimes the course of history isn’t quite as black and white as it seems…

Much like in certain other genre entries, Lunais’ rather unique power is used both in combat, for platforming and of course… to solve various puzzles. Being able to leap between periods in time does after all bring about massive changes to the entire world. Ah, and just in case that’s not enough, you can apparently also “clobber enemies with Magic Orbs found throughout the world”, orbs which actually grow in power with use. Weird stuff, all this magical time travel nonsense; although I suspect it does make for one helluva game, though.

One overflowing with hidden areas, boss battles and treasures aplenty. So much in fact, that you really should consider bringing a friend along for the ride, having him/her control your familiar – whichever you choose to accompany you on this potentially deadly adventure. Is it clobbering time yet?

Timespinner is available on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Vita, carrying a $19.99 price tag.

Timespinner – Launch Trailer (PC, PS4 & PS Vita)