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Cooperation With Nyah’s Spirit Is Mandatory In ‘Little Bug’ If She’s to Ever Get Back Home

Ever walked home from school to suddenly find yourself in a strange dimension, one quite unlike your own, dangerous spirits lurking everywhere? Well, I should hope not, but unfortunately for Nyah, that’s the very conundrum she’s faced with in Little Bug – and all she wanted was to… well, go home and relax. No such luck, but at least she won’t have to embark on this peculiar journey all by her lonesome.

At first glance, this may seem like a rather basic platformer. Definitely not the case, Nyah’s light enabling her to accomplish many otherwise impossible feats: swing to new heights, destroy barriers, take out evildoers and act as a guide of sorts. Maybe this place isn’t as bad as it seems? Yeah. Nope. It still has ‘bad news’ written all over it, however fun it might be for a little girl to go adventuring like this, across dreamlike landscapes (with the odd nightmare every now and then, for good measure).

Sometimes Nyah stays with her grandma who feeds Nyah’s imagination with her quirky wisdom, but maybe grandma’s stories have more truth than Nyah ever could have believed.

Shadowy figures, disappearing platforms, uncanny terrain and other oddities all lie between Nyah and the comfort and safety of her home. No one’s saying there isn’t time to pick up a souvenir or two though, collectibles aplenty awaiting discovery as the player attempts to control both Nyah and her light at the same time. Quite the quirky and intriguing puzzle platformer, this here Little Bug, ya know?

Little Bug is available on Steam, carrying a $9.99 price tag.

Little Bug – Release Announcement Trailer