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Nom Nom Nom: ‘They Need To Be Fed 2’ Released On iOS and Android

They Need To Be Fed 2

For all the variety mobile developers have shown, there haven’t been many games with an emphasis on food – oh wait. But seriously, They Need To Be Fed 2, like its precursor, is actually not about eating, it’s about being eaten… at the end of each stage, by a carnivorous plant! How’s that for a unique exit? Ironically, you’ll likely die more than a few times on the way too, although that won’t end the level, just your life.

Still with me? Good, was afraid that nasty looking plant had scared ya off, because that thing is the least of your concerns. While each level does put a spin on momentum based platforming, complete with gravity defying jumps, simply being good at jumping won’t get you through in one piece. Monsters with spikey haircuts, rockets (small and… huge) and lasers are just a few of the lethal obstacles you’ll encounter, although I’m sure it’ll be worth it as there are diamonds(!) to collect! Totally worth it. Because, diamonds… right? Right, I knew it!

They Need To Be Fed 2 is like a ridiculous ice cream flavour that you can’t get enough of.
A superb combination of fun & frustration!

Mmm ice cream… Uh, anyway, once you’ve been eaten by numerous plants and classic mode’s done, plenty more awaits those who seek a greater challenge in the new Epic Mode. Here, not only are the levels are upside down, but you’ll also have to go through each of them without dying as there are no checkpoints. Just keep reminding yourself that there are more of those shiny diamonds available in this mode. Good luck!

At the time of writing, They Need To Be Fed 2 is only available on iOS, but according to Bit Ate Bit, the Android version should be joining it later today. Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe my iPad 2 is done installing the game, so I’m off to feed some plants!

Update: Android version is out!

They Need To Be Fed 2 – Release Trailer