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There’s a New ‘Quest For Infamy’ Demo In Volksville

Quest For Infamy

Remember 1989? I certainly do, because that was the year when Quest For Glory was released and in a genre first, this adventure title was fused with both RPG elements and even multiple classes (fighter, magic-user and thief) to play as! The reason I’m bringing up such an old game is that Quest For Infamy plays and looks quite like it, right down to the comedic aspect.

While the name of your character (Mister Roehm) and the journey ahead is more or less set in stone, the path leading you through this Quest For Infamy will differ, depending on which of the three classes you choose. Although you’re limited to the Brigand in the demo, the full game will allow you to choose between the cunning Rogue, the magic wielding Sorcerer and the brute Brigand; and if it’s anything like Quest For Glory, your class will also determine how how certain puzzles are solved. As you explore the lands, you’ll  quickly find its inhabitants to be quite a chatty bunch who are more than willing to gossip about the weather and whatever they find interesting, in a (more or less) cheerful manner.

The same can certainly not be said about Mister Roehm, who’s more of a sarcastic and snarky type; which is reflected upon during dialogue. It’s an odd choice for the main character, but on the other hand: this is a Quest for Infamy, not an adventure involving fame, glory, rainbows and unicorns! Oh and did I mention that everything is not quite as it seems, in the small town of Volksville? Mister Roehm may not be what this place needs, yet here he is…

If you’re even a bit curious about Quest For Infamy, head over to the Infamous Quests website to grab the demo. It’s doubtful that the full game will be released anytime soon, so this sample will have to do for the time being.