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‘The Last Door’ Episode Six Enters Beta With New Pricing Model

The Last Door Chapter Six (beta)

It’s time to continue the story of point ‘n click horror saga, The Last Door, with this second episode of season two, My Dearest Visitor. Wait, actually… it’s almost time to do just that. First there’s the usual amount of beta testing to do, bugs to fix, typos to catch and correct, and so on. Alongside this supposedly longest episode yet, The Game Kitchen are working on changing the pricing model. For better or worse? Hard to say, although necessary, I’m sure.

Now, for those not familiar with The Last Door, it’s an uncanny and rather creepy tale of horror and suspense, which takes place in Victorian England, as the protagonist – Jeremiah Devitt – suddenly receives a mysterious letter from a childhood friend. Needless to say, the events that follow are not for the faint of heart, but they do make for an interesting adventure, complete with spine-chilling music and pixellated visuals. Oh and puzzles, because, genre stable, ya know?

Explore the fishing village of [spoiler], its cliffs and snow-covered forest, while you try to unveil the obscure past of [spoiler]. Follow Wakefield and Kaufmann as they delve deeper into the mystery, and meet new horrors with them!

While more The Last Door is always a good thing in my books, all is unfortunately not well on the topic of finances, for its creator. As such, they’ll be mixing things up in regards to the price tag, removing the ‘life-time subscription’ tier (won’t affect those who already donated that much, or more), instead selling the game in episodic format and in season packs. Note: April 6th – launch date for the full version of My Dearest Visitor – is the deadline for those interested in purchasing access to all past and future episodes, at a total of €10 ($11) on the official website. More details in this here blog post, including details on the time limited ‘Special Offer‘.

To access this sixth chapter, including the beta, a donation of €5 ($5.50) is required; although this does include all previous episodes too, as well as their soundtracks. No better than the present to get scared out of your mind as you point ‘n click the night away, maybe even help The Game Kitchen squash a few bugs, in… The Last Door: My Dearest Visitor!

The Last Door – Season Two