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‘The Last Door’ Chapter 4 Enters Beta as Launch Rapidly Approaches

The Last Door Chapter 4 beta

With the funding goal reached and development of chapter 4 in the spooky saga coming along nicely, the beta has been made available. This time, players will be visiting Pevensey, searching for answers to questions still lingering in the mind of our protagonist… but will Jeremiah Devitt find more than he bargained for?

Note that there’ll be no pointing and clicking your way through Ancient Shadows unless you’re a Kickstarter backer or a premium member. All you have to do is contribute with €15 (approximately $20) to gain access though, which will also let you play the final version immediately upon release; along with one through three, and all future chapters.

Anyway, with its release scheduled for February 14th, there’s not much time to squash bugs and apply some last-minute polish, so I’ll be brief. As with previous installments, the beginning and end has been cut; it’s a test build after all, not “play before everyone else”. Also making its return is the ‘Leave your mark’ initiative, which lets a few lucky beta participants create a description for certain in-game items. Neat, eh?

What, already a backer? Head over to the The Last Door website and help The Game Kitchen prep the fourth chapter for launch then. Not a backer? Well it’s not too late, as donating €15 will grant you premium membership, while also helping them progress towards stretch goals.

Should you want to sample the goods before spending money, The Letter (#1) and Memories (#2) can be played for free, while The Four Witnesses (#3) still carries a pay-what-you-want price tag. So turn the lights off, put those headphones on, crank up the volume and get ready for a horror adventure quite unlike any other.

Ancient Shadows – The Last Door Chapter 4: Preview Video

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