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‘The Journey Down: Chapter Two’ Furthers Bwana and Kito’s Adventurous Tale

The Journey Down: Chapter Two

It’s been a while since fans first followed Bwana and Kito through the beginning of pointy and clicky quest in The Journey Down: Chapter One. A couple of years, in fact, but now the next chapter is finally here, and on every major desktop and mobile platform to boot (except Android, for now).

Now, part one of the trilogy served more as a brief introductory tale, feeding players background story, familiarizing them with the cast, and so on. In contrast, the continuation seems to be much more involved, with mention of both pirates, a gloomy town, at least one dark conspiracy and, wait, running from the law? Those two? In trouble with the authorities? Actually… I could see that being a thing, and quite easily too.

Seriously though, with what appears to be an awesome hand painted art style like that of its precursor, and a second serving of funky reggae jazz, I’m definitely intrigued. Probably helps that I enjoyed the first chapter quite a bit too, which reminds me: if you have yet to experience The Journey Down, there’s no better time than the present, since until September 1st, The Journey Down: Chapter One is free on iOS ($0) and 90% off on Steam ($0.69). Can’t beat that kind of discount.

On a related note, The Journey Down: Chapter Two‘s pre-order campaign was quite successful, raising a lovely $4,213.81! SkyGoblin, series creator, won’t be pocketing more than half the amount however, which is why I saw to bring it up: the other half is going to the construction of the Mavuno Secondary School in Tanzania. Hopefully that donation will be able to help move the project along at a steady pace.

The Journey Down: Chapter Two is available for Window, Mac, Linux (Steam, direct – $8.99) and iOS (iTunes, universal $4.99).

The Journey Down: Chapter Two – Official trailer

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