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The Greenlight Bundle Returns With More Greenlight Gaming Goodness

The Greenlight Bundle

It’s not the first The Greenlight Bundle, but for some odd reason they yet again decided to simply name it ‘The Greenlight Bundle’, rather than using some sort of numbering scheme to avoid confusion. Whatever the case, it’s back! This time the minimum price is $5, which’ll get ya a total of 9 DRM-free games, all of which are searching high and low for more Greenlight votes, so let’s take a look at its contents.

First up we have Paranormal in which you play the part of Mattel Clark, an artist determined to film all the spooky on-goings on his haunted house – what could possibly go wrong? Apart from the hauntings causing poor Mattel to descend into the depths of madness, that is. If preventing farm animals from being abducted by aliens (from Mars, no less) in a crazy tower defense is more your thing, then picking up this bundle for Beware Planet Earth! might be a good idea; oh and it’s got ninja aliens! Moving on, we find… wait, Hairy Tales? Really? Well alright. It does look every bit as crazy as the name at least, with a combination of action and puzzle elements playing out on a hex grid and your mission is to save a tile-based world from corruption (this is why puzzle games rarely have a story).

Here’s something you don’t see every day: an isometric dungeon-crawler by the name of Dwarf Quest! This one’ll have you slaying monsters for their wealth, as you delve deep down into dangerous dungeons in your search for the undead wizard Azar. Why? What do you mean “why”? To kill him! The next game is not of the non-violent kind either, as you go for a swim in Depth Hunter… under the sea (sorry, couldn’t help it). Who knows what you might find as you explore the seven seas? Spear-fishing and picture snapping is fun and all, but I’d rather do some (hopefully) less dangerous underwater treasure hunting instead. While you won’t be getting your feet wet in Potatoman Seeks the Troof, exercise is still on the menu in this 8-bit runner as you’ll have to dodge everything from bananas to bats and falling rocks in search of… the Troof! Can you handle the troof?

Ah, Megabyte Punch. Quite a unique fighting game, if I ever saw one. You’re able to customize your character with armor pieces, laser beams and other fun items, all of which is acquired in the single player mode. But no fighting game is complete without a versus mode and of course this one’s no exception – test your might! Gear Jack will more than likely test your patience instead of your might. This 2D platformer seems so full of hazards, that the ability to customize your character attributes is much more than just a gimmick. Don’t forget to go for style points while you’re busy dodging sawblades and other deadly obstacles! Last but not least, Aeon Command is one for the strategy fans. Pick one of 3 different factions and take over the Aeon Nebula in the campaign or take on the AI without all the story nonsense, in one of several skirmish modes. Plus like any good strategy game, there’s a multiplayer component. Oh and did I mention that there’s a persistent upgrade system?

It seems like there’s something for everyone in The Greenlight Bundle, which will set you back $5 for all nine games. None of the games contain any kind of DRM and some even come with a Desura key. Note that not all have been ported to Mac or Linux, so be sure to check the list if you’re not running Windows, and even if you decide against picking it up, at least give each game your vote on Greenlight.

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