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Fight a Nasty Virus In the New 6DoF Shooter ‘Retrovirus’


Like Descent and Forsaken before it, Retrovirus is a six degrees of freedom (6DoF) shooter. This game does have far better looking visuals though, and… you get to destroy a virus! How’s that for a unique plot? You may have heard of Cadenza Interactive, since they’re also responsible for the popular tower defense Sol Survivor. That’s a completely different beast from Retrovirus, however.

In order to prepare your ship (or ‘antivirus program’ in this case) for the task at hand, you’ll be able to tweak both the weapons configuration as well as what to prioritize, between speed, cunning and strength. Just because you’re tasked with taking down a virus, doesn’t mean that it’s all pew pew and ratatata – there’s also plenty of room for exploration and more than a few puzzles to slow your progress through the computer.

No one’s saying you have to go at it alone though, because the campaign can also be played co-operatively with a friend and I do believe an extra pair of eyes (and guns) will come in handy on this mission. If you’re feeling competitive, there’s also several versus modes to jump into, but do be mindful of your surroundings at all times, because in a 6DoF the environment is just as likely to cause your untimely demise, as gunfire from your opponents.

Those who feel like taking the fight to the virus can pick up Retrovirus either from the Humble Store, Steam or Desura. Oh and, be sure to tell your grandchildren about your glorious battle! Provided you survive the encounter, that is…

Retrovirus Release Trailer

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