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Fight to Live, Live to Fight as ‘The Banner Saga 3’ Gets ‘Survival Mode’ DLC

Earlier this year, The Banner Saga players finally got to experience the conclusion to the thrilling strategic trilogy in the form of The Banner Saga 3. A finale I have yet to experience, in spite of having finished both prior entries, and yet I am still quite excited at the prospect of a Survival Mode; even if it does come in the form of premium DLC for the third game. Still quite a groovy thing, though.

“Run from the Darkness, keep your party ahead of the onslaught”, says the official description. Does that give a proper idea of what we can experience in this recently released DLC? Not really, but fortunately more details are available, so let’s see what’s what, shall we?

Survival, as the name states, is all about pushing your favorite heroes – or those you decide to use, from the roster of 43, anyway – to their absolute limit, replacing those who fall mid-battle (in-between waves, I’d wager) to ensure the encounter won’t end in utter defeat. To further aid you in these grueling skirmishes, several dozen battle items are up for grabs.

Oh, also… well, you probably don’t want to, being a tactical bad-ass and all, but… if you really felt the need, difficulty could be dropped a few notches from ‘hard’ to ‘easy’. It’ll put you in a different leaderboard though. With all those other players who play on… easy. Yeah. Ah, and before I forget: the death of a character is permanent. No resurrection spells in The Banner Saga 3. Onward, to victory!

The Banner Saga 3: Survival Mode is available on SteamGOG.com, Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, carrying a $4.99 price tag (base game required).

Banner Saga 3 Survival Mode is HERE!