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Montreal Independent Games Festival (MIGF) Now Accepting Submissions

It’s not every day I get to cover stuff from the great north (read: Canada), so when I saw that the Montreal Independent Games Festival was accepting submissions… immediately got to writing. Probably less interesting for non-Canadian residents though, but hey – the world is not as big as it used to, and a little trip never hurt anyone (although it might put a dent in their credit card, distance pending). So let’s see what this one’s all about, eh?

Short version: a handful (or quite a few, actually) of indie games will be featured on the show floor, developers demoing their title for attendees, there’ll be guest talks/interviews on a grand stage, and of course, an awards ceremony for the best of the best. That’s right – it’s not just an expo, but also a competition! Oh, and I did mention how the 2018 event is taking submissions until October 12 at midnight, right? Right. Good.

That out of the way, here’s some more important stuff; namely, the dates:

  • November 9: half-day exhibition / arcade 1pm to 6pm
  • November 10: exhibition / arcade 10 am to 6pm + Party @ Night (18+)
  • November 11: exhibition / arcade 10am to 6pm

Location? Marché Bonsecours 350, rue Saint-Paul Est Montréal.

What else? Oh, right. Maybe some bits about how to submit and such. Well, the good news is that submissions won’t cost you a single cent, but… you will be required to send 2-3 representatives to the attend the event, bring your own equipment (laptop, gamepad(s), etc.) and keep an eye on it yourself the entire time, and now for the two most important things: the game must have been released within the last year or be in development, “at a stage where it’s still satisfying to play”.

Got all that? Great. Submit, then! Submit right now! I mean, if you plan on attending this year’s MIGF, that is. Otherwise, probably not the best course of action.

(Image source: Facebook)