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The Fate of Xbox Live Indie Games Is Sealed (and Dated)

Almost exactly two years ago, I shared how Microsoft would be shutting down Xbox Live Indie Games this year. Incidentally, it was revealed just yesterday that the same month - this one, for those of you without a calendar (wait, what?) - will feature that dreadful day. The day after which Xbox 360 owners will no longer be able to purchase games on the platform... and it's right around the corner!
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‘Breath of Death VII’ Graduated In 2011 From Old-School (Review)

Breath of Death VII is truly unlike any other RPG today, and I’m glad Zeboyd Games went with an old-school style. The visuals (and many gameplay elements) presented here are similar to Final Fantasy (1987) and Phantasy Star (1988); that may seem a strange choice to some, but I think it’s great. It’s like returning to a simpler time.. when RPGs didn’t have (often confusing) branching dialogue options or complex skill trees, but actually focused on gameplay and a plot that (sometimes) made sense, more than simply showing off a fancy graphics engine.
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