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Through the Nine Circles: ‘Slayaway Camp’ Goes to Hell Alongside a Duo of Console Ports

Like so many classic horror movies/books/comics, Slayaway Camp has finally breached the depths and entered… Hell. Ah, sorry, I mean… Hell Camp. Oh, and none other than everyone’s favorite, Skullface – in holy angelic form – will be laying waste to unsuspecting counsellors there! Groovy. Incredibly gory, but still very groovy.

Why all these counsellors – or counsellors-in-training, I suppose – never learn is beyond me. Perhaps due to the fact that Skullface, alongside the many other killers added to slippery murder puzzler Slayaway Camp since launch, never leaves anyone to tell the tale. So how would anyone be able to warn everyone about the horror that awaits at various locations? How indeed, and it’s thanks to such violent perfectionism that Hell Camp exists, bringing murderous mayhem to, well, hell.

Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings and this time… the bell tolls for thee.

Players won’t be smashing innocent victims in Hell until after they have completed the first 3 movies in the game, however. No better time than the present to solve those horror-filled puzzles if you haven’t, after which it’s straight… to Hell. Hell which, alongside brand new killers in the ‘random box’ (from where your roster is expanded using in-game currency), contains a slew of new puzzles. So eh, get to slaying, would ya? Here’s my review, if you need further convincing…

Ah, almost forgot: console ports! Slayaway Camp has been on PC and mobile for a while now, but about a week ago, the game finally arrived on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (as depicted by the lovely trailer below). Even better, the aptly titled Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut is a bit of a ‘GOTY Edition’ releases, containing every piece of DLC (Deluxe Edition, My Gory Valentine, HellCamp, Monthly Murderers Series 1 & 2, Supernatural Forces, and Santa’s Slay). That’s more than 300 blood-soaked levels and over 60 different killers, each with their own unique… methods. Muahahaha.


Slayaway Camp is available from/for Steam, Humble Store, Google Play, iTunes, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut | Launch Trailer | PS4, XBOX ONE

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