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Par for the Course is Decided in ‘Resort Boss: Golf’ as You Build and Manage a Golf Club

Early 2019, the likes of La Quinta and Rosewood are going to get some serious competition. Wait, no. That’d only be the case if they were virtual golf clubs, and somehow set in the same world as Resort Boss: Golf. Which they aren’t. Right. Anyway, my point still stands, as this upcoming resort builder is already looking mighty spiffy with its accessible interface and lovely art style.

The objective, like in most other management games, is to… well, make money, and this is accomplished by creating the absolutely finest golf club, in order to attract VIP golfers from near and far alike. To help with this, you’ll be able to “mould terrain, plant trees and populate your resort with sprawling green hills, seaside cliffs, bunkers and water hazards”, all to create some truly spectacular courses. Or holes. But courses sounds less weird. I mean, anyone can create a hole – just gotta dig a bit?

Anyway, let’s get back on track, because this is serious business. But speaking of the lay of the land (read: courses): since it’s much too risky to open an untested course to the public, you always have the option to test them yourself, maybe even show the pros how it’s done (not likely). Also, while you’re out there, playing the field as it were, chances are you’ll spot the perfect location for a shop, restaurant, or heck, even a brand new hotel! Just don’t forget to balance the budget.

Paint the land with fairways to create the world class resort required to attract VIP golfers from all over the planet.

That said, Resort Boss: Golf will be in Early Access come launch, although if all goes according to plan, only for a few months. Now, based on that, and details on its Steam page, it seems like they’re simply after some last-minute pre-launch feedback, sitting on a pretty much finished game. Groovy stuff.


Resort Boss: Golf [Early Access] will be on Steam from February 7, 2019.

Resort Boss: Golf | Announcement Trailer – Launching 7th Feb 2019