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Hack the System: ‘Quadrilateral Cowboy’ Source Code Released

Quadrilateral Cowboy

Information. In the wrong hands, an extremely potent weapon, and with most of it traversing the always vulnerable road through cyberspace… be careful what you share. That said, in Quadrilateral Cowboy you’re actually on the wrong side of the law, believe it or not, in posession of a digital skillset that allows you to choose who you deal with, when, and how much money they’re to part with. Time to put that 56.6k modem and an equally powerful laptop to work!

Enticing, ain’t it, the prospect of hacking away at secure terminals, forcing your way into – and out of – highly secure locations, super old-school style? I’d say, and with the source code now available under the GPL license, chances are we’ll likely soon see some neat tweaks and additions to the core experience. At least that’s what I’m hoping will happen, code being a commonly used language (C++) and all. Oh and the engine itself is idTech 4, which – among other things – powers Doom 3. Undeniably groovy.

(Source: Where can I download the source code to Quadrilateral Cowboy?, via. Develop)

Quadrilateral Cowboy is available directly and from Steam, at $19.99.

Quadrilateral Cowboy release trailer