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PSA: ‘Eight Days In Convoke’ Gets Free DLC

Eight Days In Convoke

Eight Days In Convoke is a physics-based puzzle game in which you pilot an alien craft (yay, UFO flying!) and your mission is… to abduct humans, obviously; what else could it possibly be? But a limited amount of fuel combined with the threat that AA missile launchers and other dangers provide, ensures that each of the 40 levels will not be easily completed; and the new Orient expansion adds even more abduction missions full of danger and mayhem!

But wait, did I say 40 levels? What I meant to say was 55 – Orient does add another 15 after all. Although, there is one tiny problem with it: saved games and settings do not carry over. Apart from that, it seems to have plenty of good stuff, so just keep that in mind before updating your game:

  • 15 New Levels.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • New audio system.
  • Audio settings.
  • Optimised file system, including new save system.
  • Tweaked visuals and resources.

If you don’t have Eight Days In Convoke yet, it’s available on Desura for €2.49 (or your regional equivalent) where a demo can also be found. Time to abduct some humans!

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