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Cut Corners Aggressively to be the Last Car Standing in Combat Racer ‘Party Crashers’

Forget whatever you know about the rules of the road and throw caution to the wind the instant you get behind the wheel in Party Crashers. Unless you enjoy being smashed to bits that is. Some do enjoy that, and to each their own, ya know? But if you’re the type who prefers winning, best be an absolute jerk on the track. Oh, and watch out for giant bananas.

With procedurally generated  – and a handful of preset – tracks and well over 60 game modes (wait, what?), no two races will be the same, that much is guaranteed. Doesn’t matter if you’re going up against three other friends/enemies or the “basic AI” – carnage will ensue in the form of glorious vehicular combat. Maybe you’ll even be the first to cross the finish line. Provided you’re still alive at that point.

Ah, and in case the default mix of settings / vehicles are not to your liking… tweak them! Mix and match to create both the ride and mode of your dreams. Just make sure to add extra bananas. Because bananas. And school buses. Oh! Homing missiles too. Good stuff, this Party Crashers game, and darn colorful too.

Party Crashers is available on Steam, carrying a $14.99 price tag.

Party Crashers Trailer