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New ‘Rochard’ DLC Brings Hard Times

Rochard - Hard Times

Step into the shoes of John Rochard, an astrominer with an attitude. Your equipment? A multi-function gun called the G-Lifter. Your mission? To mess with the laws of physics and beat up bad guys along the way; oh and something about rescuing a damsel in distress. Plenty of fun, but some fans found it to be on the easy side, so the developer decided to release a piece of DLC called Hard Times.

I don’t know who these fans are or why they would make the claim that Rochard was ‘on the easy side’ – I certainly struggled in more than a few levels. Maybe I was just rubbish? Who knows, the point is that Recoil Games have given the people what they want: challenging new content! Four brand new levels, in fact. Container Chaos, Shaft Shuffle, Brainyard and Assembly Line, all of which puts the focus on puzzle-solving instead of combat and, according to the developer, “offers a difficult test for even the most experienced players”.

Whether there’s any truth to that remains to be seen. Access to the new G-Lifter challenges in Hard Times will cost $2 on Steam, where the game itself is also available for $10. Oh, did I mention that John Rochard is voiced by Jon St. John aka. Duke Nukem?

Rochard Steam Trailer