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New Grundislav Games Point ‘n Click Revealed: ‘A Golden Wake’

A Golden Wake

It’s a good time to be a fans of point ‘n click adventures. Not only did Wadjet Eye Games recently announce that work has begun on another Blackwell game, but the creator of the Ben Jordan series just revealed his next game, set to take place in Miami during the 1920s. Definitely an interesting decade.

As history would dictate, a lot of changes swept across the US during that time: prohibition of alcohol, jazz music took off big time (hence “The Jazz Age”) and of course The Immigration Act of 1924, among other things. It was also a time of prosperity and opportunity for those with the right skill set and determination. But chances are you’re not here for a documentary about a time long gone, so I’d best move onto what’s currently known about the game instead.

You’ll be playing as Alfie Banks, a young real estate salesman who recently moved to Miami in search of a shot at making it big. Whether or not he will actually succeed remains to be seen, since plenty of ruthless people with hidden agendas are bound to come between him and glory – seizing an opportunity doesn’t mean you have to play nice, after all! But I’m willing to bet that this guy won’t be able to keep his hands clean throughout the entirety of the game either…

Based on actual events and featuring real life locations and historical figures

Which events and historical figures, though? Guess we’ll find out when the game is released, which will be “some time in 2014”. Note that unlike other Grundislav Games creations, A Golden Wake will be a commercial release. So… is it 2014 yet?

Source: AGS forums