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Mini LD #53: Experience the Future Now… Soon

the future next exit

Confused by the title? Well, that’s time travel for ya, which is exactly what this upcoming 53rd Mini LD is about. Kinda. Doesn’t have to be, though, as you’re free to interpret its theme (the future is now) however you see fit. Go crazy! Be original! Think outside the box! And so on. That is after all what makes game jams so much fun, ya know?

While the official timeframe is next weekend (July 19-21), as it turns out, you won’t be breaking the rules by starting now – just keep the 48 hour time limit in mind. Working in teams is optional, although personally, I’d recommend it; if for no other reason, then to divide the tasks, instead of taking on everything yourself.

Just show us where the future we all dream about is already available!

Something something flying cars? Maybe? Or how about a ‘worst case scenario possible future’? Like I said, theme’s 100% open to interpretation, and for this one, that certainly gives participants a chance for some serious creative muscle flexing. Just be sure to keep the July 21, 12am UTC submission deadline in mind.

Also, if this 53rd edition sees as few entries as the 52nd, I’ll piece together a similar post. But let’s hope that won’t be the case, eh?