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Let’s Get It Kickstarted (With Demo): ‘Magbot’

Magbot (KS)

It was supposed to be a simple journey across the stars. One that would take the thirty-thousand colonists hundreds of years, meaning… well, cryopreservation, to then have the lot awoken by robot caretakers, in due time. On paper, the perfect plan, but something went wrong. Horribly wrong. Far too much time ended up passing, and the ship – along with the fate of every colonist – now rests solely in the hands of one… Magbot!

Needless to say, you – the player – will be controlling that little fella throughout this grand adventure, hopefully eventually figuring out exactly what happened. At its core, Magbot (the game, not the protagonist) is a metroidvania of sorts, placing a strong emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving more than heated combat. There are bad guys to beat the crap out of though, so don’t worry – game ain’t completely void of action.

To help Magbot get around, you’ll have to locate and acquire specific abilities, the first of which lets you push objects from a distance, as well as boost yourself to greater heights; or “physics based gravity manipulation”, as the developer puts it. Speaking of, mention is also made of things like Kinetic Blast and Gravity Tether, both of which quite frankly sound… interesting, with some serious potential for craziness. Oh and there are multiple game modes, such as the classic Time Attack and of course, IronBot (one life, that’s all you get), to help increase replayability, among other things.

Magbot (KS)

But alas, without funding, the game will never come to be. Or rather, it’ll see the light of day in a noticeably lesser state. See, while the goal of $1,535 may seem puzzling low to some, compared to most other crowdfunding projects, there’s a reason for that: the money will be used entirely to enhance the audible department, adding unique music and sound effects. If unsuccessful however, pre-existing royalty free stuff will have to suffice (and surely you don’t want that to be the case, right?).

Should everything go according to plan, Magbot will be readily available during the month of October 2016, for Windows, OS X and Linux. Hopefully it’ll have been pushed through Greenlight long before then, and whether that turns out to be the case or not, it will still be available from itch.io, along with the demo, DRM-free and all. Groovy. So… let’s get it kickstarted, eh?