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The Search for Long-Lost Pets in ‘Love is Dead’ Proves That… Zombies Have Feelings?

To the best of my knowledge, zombies can’t feel anything. That’s what we’ve been lead to believe throughout numerous portrayals across all kinds of media, at least. But what if we’re wrong? Love is Dead certainly seems to think so, featuring an undead couple still very much in love, longing to be together again. Oh, and with their pets too, while you’re busy puzzling their path towards a happily ever after, anyway. Ah, nothing quite like zombie romance.

I mean, even if limbs are dangling from your rotting body, doesn’t mean you can’t remain attractive, ya know? Not that one could tell from looking at the two protagonists of Love is Dead of course, as aside from some spots and odd discoloration, they don’t really carry much… well, detail. Likely due to the fact that they aren’t starring in a horror game, so much as one of puzzles, and puzzles aplenty at that.

Love is Dead is a new spin on romance and zombie stories, where you control two freshly undead people traveling the world in search of their pets.

Across more than 150 levels, players will be tasked with guiding the newly deceased lovers through a wide variety of landscapes; maybe even eating a human and having words with a pirate or two along the way. It’ll likely prove more than a little difficult at times, each of the seven worlds bringing its own unique mechanics and puzzles, but don’t let that stand in the way of recovering your long-lost pets; even if they too may very well be, you know, zombies.

Platforms will crumble underneath your feet as spirits, wicked zombies and other nasties do their worst to prevent the two from being together again. Let nothing stand in your way however, or their pets shall truly be forever lost. Out there somewhere, all alone, scared, perhaps even searching for their owners as much as their owners is searching for them? If not, then… Love is Dead.

Love is Dead is available on Steam, carrying a $11.99 price tag.

Love is Dead | Available Now | PC and Mac