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Raising the Bar Once More: ‘Legend of Grimrock 2’ Announced

Legend of Grimrock 2

Fans of classics like Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master have likely played the original Legend of Grimrock (LoG) by now, with its amazing tile-based dungeon crawling prison break. It looked great, played great and thanks to Steamworks integration, a lot of new content has been created by loyal fans; gotta love that! But fan creations, impressive they may be, can only do so much compared to a fully fledged sequel.

What was originally planned as DLC for LoG has since turned into sequel material, mostly since Almost Human wanted to raise the bar for dungeon crawling and that would require more than could be fit into a mere expansion, so… the idea for a sequel was born. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I’d also much rather have them craft a brand new game instead of DLC; especially since they mention in the announcement post that “a big engine update in the works”. Whether or not this means that the sequel will be powered by a brand new engine, or simply an updated version of one running LoG is unknown at this point (my money’s on an updated version). I do know one thing though: if the sequel turns out even half as good as LoG, RPG fans are in for a treat, both in terms of visual flair, gameplay and content.

But even though they have “lots and lots of new content already done”, the official release date is still – unsurprisingly – “when it’s done”. Until then, might I be so bold as to recommend picking up the first game and/or some of its user-created content? An adventure awaits within this dungeon…

Legend of Grimrock Release Trailer