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Spin Your Way Through Crossword Puzzles In ‘KRIZL’


I’m sure most are familiar with crossword puzzles, but while most of them follow the typical design that has you filling vertical and horizontal columns with the correct words, KRIZL differs from the norm with a new way of playing the crossword game. Here, the blanks have already been filled in and instead, blocks of 3×3 tiles have been spun around, tasking you with figuring out how to spin each back to recreate the solution.

This makes KRIZL play more like a jigsaw/crossword puzzle hybrid, as opposed to being just-another-crossword-game, which is certainly not a bad thing, and with more than 50 puzzles across 3 difficulty levels, this one should keep you busy for a while. Most are likely going to have an easier time solving crossword puzzles this way, but I’m sure that the later stages will offer a fair amount of challenge still, as the number of blocks in each puzzle goes all the way up to 12. Just the thought is enough to make my head spin!

KRIZL is available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry (Playbook and All Touch) devices. Here’s the official website along with its Facebook page.